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Industrial uses for Concrete Floor Protection Coatings

Concrete coatings are typical at big-box retail stores where maintenance ought to be easy. Concrete coatings supply a floor surface that’s immune to harsh cleaning chemicals necessary to get a sterile finish. They provide several advantages in this type of work environment. Does this have to remain clean, but the coat should prevent bacteria from […]

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Antimicrobial Coating Technology Applications

A coat might be applied to a surface which has a chemical compound that’s toxic to microorganism. This coating was demonstrated to provide a vast variety of protection against and to block the evolution of bacteria and maybe even mould. The causes are conventional coatings have never been properly blended before application, drying additives have […]

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There are various ways to finish concrete slabs from trowel or polishing for smooth finish to embedding a texture using exposed aggregate or stamping. These techniques provide non-slip surface and improve the appearance. Some of the current most popular types of concrete finishing are coloured concrete using penetrating pigments or acid staining to improve concrete aesthetics and ad-mixtures which can impart additional properties to the concrete. Coatings can then be applied to protect the surface from damage.

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